Welcome to Our Boarding Facility

AKA "Raiders of the Last Bark"

We have a small facility (very small) at our ranch in Moorpark. We provide boarding to only our Exclusive Clientele. We are able to board up to 20 dogs at a time.

Each dog has their own room. Each room has carpet and tile and is provided a large dog bed. Like at home, they are physically taken out several times a day to play in one of our 5 play-yards. They can chase the rabbits or bark at the horses. For those really rainy or hot days, they have an indoor play room available.

Most of the dogs are social and can romp and play with each other. Toys are available and they can bring their own special toy, which will stay in their room and NOT shared with others.

For all this FUN we charge $35.00 per day, per dog, this includes the day you drop off and the day you pick-up.

For just an overnight (24hrs)-$40.00 per dog

We drop off and pick-up Mon-Sat. at each grooming location. Drop-off times are by 10:00a.m. And the bus arrives to take them to the facility a short time after that time.

NO PICK-UPS or DROP-OFFS ON SUNDAY!!! (This is our ONLY day to do NO running around).

We provide a lamb and rice base kibble. If your dog eats anything different, we ask that you provide him with his or her own food and treats. Many dogs have food allergies and this helps them have a more enjoyable time.

There is NO CHARGE for giving MEDS to your pet, just provide detailed instructions on dosage.

Unfortunately, we do not allow visitors!! This is OUR HOME!!!! Be sure to check out the pictures of our boarding facility in our shops.

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