Jim & Diane

Diane Harris I graduated in 1981 with an A.S. Degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management Program from Moorpark College. After graduation I worked with elephants and other exotics for the motion picture industry. In 1985, I had my first born child, a wonderful boy (man-now) and wanting to still work with animals, went to school for dog and cat grooming. This was a career where I could create my work schedule around my children and enjoy my love of animals. After working in the field for serveral years and having a second child, a incredible girl (woman), I branched out on my own. My first shop was "Diane Grooming" in Westlake (how original), in 1991, and later on opened up another location in Simi Valley. At that time, I named that one Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom. In 2000, I incorporated both businesses and created the one entity.
In my spare time, I enjoy breeding and performing with our "Gypsy Horses". They can be seen at www.HappyCampCob.com, raising and training the young ones. We enjoy traveling with our children whenever possible and just hanging out with friends.
Our goal is to always provide a safe and good grooming experience, as well as a good and fun environment for our employees. We have always prided ourselves with being the best in the business and will continue to stive to keep that reputation. It is because of all the wonderful pets and people that keep us acheiving this goal. Thank-you all..customers and employees!!!!

Jim Harris is an ex-general contractor of 30 yrs. and the person responsible for building and maintaing our facilities. He quit contracting to help build and run our boarding facility Raiders of the Last Bark, which is only provided to our exclusive clientele. We are not open to the general public. He enjoys taking care of your four-legged friends and playing with them on a daily basis.
He, too, enjoys performing and breeding our "Gypsy Horses" and also maintaining the horse facility. Jim, truly is my better half and I am blessed that he enjoys the same love of animals as I do. Together, we make a great team!!!
His favorite saying is "Don't mess with the Janitor..he may just own the joint"!


My whole life I have loved animals and the great outdoors. I orginally wanted to go to school to become a veterinarian. When that didn't pan out I worked many different office jobs, i.e. jr. escrow officer, bookkeeper, girl Friday to name a few. Then, I decided I really wanted to work with animals. I started working with Diane in the summer of 1992, where she trained me to be a brusher/bather. After about a year and half I took time off to have my second son. I came back to work with Diane in January 2000 and she taught me the Art of Grooming. I have been with the company ever since, moving up to managing the Simi Valley Shop.
When I'm not working I am an avid reader, love gardening and hiking, running and working out. I am happily married, have two fantastic sons and a menagerie of animals that keep me very busy!


Hi may name is Rony Romero. I have been working at Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom for twelve "RUFF" years now : ) I love animals and I enjoy working with the dogs and cats. I am kind, knowledgeable, trustworthy and easy to communicate with. I have the artistic skills to make your pet look awesome!! I do what I love and I love what I do!!!! In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my children and family!!!


I have worked at Indiana Bones for 7 yrs. I knew very little about grooming when I first started here. In the last 7 yrs I've become one of the shops top brusher bathers and one of their main groomers.

I'm originally from Mexico and I moved to California 12 yrs. ago. I'm married with two girls ages 10 & 8 yrs. My free time is usually spent kicking a soccer ball around with my girls and working on the "Honey do List".


I've been grooming cats and dogs since 1993, and enjoy each day with animals especially the older and difficult animals.
Indiana bones is a wonder place to work, since the day I applied for a position, I saw the love and passion everyone had for the animals.
I noticed team work and communication at the very beginning, which is rare quality to find in any setting.
Being in the pet business you hear things and rumors about different groomers, but at Indiana bones you truly see how the animals wag their tail's coming into and leaving the shop. They enjoy this fun loving place.
I love working with animals; putting bows, bandanas and bow ties, even on the cats! They feel special and get attention from their human caregivers.


Hello!!!! My name is Roxanna Romero and I began working at Indiana Bones 1yr ago because I have a passion for animals. My favorite breed is a bulldog, they are silly and loving. The people that I work with take care of the dogs as if they were their own, with love and care. I look forward to coming to work everyday and I can grow in this company.


Konnichiwa (Hi),

I was born and raised in Yokohama, City Japan. After high school I worked as an administrative assistant. Not long after, I met my husband of now 31 years and have been living in the United States for over 30yrs. During my husbands military career we had the opportunity to travel the world and experience many different cultures. We have one daughter and is preparing to marry this year in September.

I started school to be a dog groomer, because we have always had our own pets and I truly enjoyed the care others had provided to us and wanted to return the same care for others. I have been grooming since 2006. I look forward to grooming your pets!!


Hi my name is Olivia. I've been working with dogs for 10 years now. I started out at a kennel where I helped in boarding, working with the show dogs that we had there and I also help in rescuing dogs. After two years of doing some incredible work I switched my career to grooming. Now I've been grooming for 9 years and every year/day I love my job just as much as the first day of grooming.


I have been a part-time bather at Indiana Bones for the last 3yrs. Even though I am part-time I love my job and the people I work with here at Indiana. I enjoy the different dogs I get to encounter on a daily basis. When I am not at work or going to school I like spending my free time with my two Labs, Roxy and Jazmine. They are full of energy and we love to play like their rambunctious owner...heehee

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